May 9, 2022

My kitten got HOOKED!!!

"My 25 year old son has 2 kitten. We called asking for HELP, the kitten got a fish hook in its lip. Christown took us in quickly, they removed the hook, and the kittens lip never swelled or gotten infected. The price was amazing for an emergency walk in, like buying a new pair of shoes. Thanks for loving our kitten as much as we do. ALICIA AND AUSTIN"
April 4, 2022

"Service is always great ! DR powers, Lorabell (technician), will(technician) excellent service and quick. Always strives to give my pet the best care necessary. Would recommend this vet to anyone. "
February 7, 2022

"I had to make the difficult decision to let my sweet Fritz go after finding out he had a tumor in his face and was suffering from the pressure of it. Although it was a heartbreaking experience to lose such a beloved member of our pet family the entire staff at Christown animal hospital made sure it was as painless as possible. I couldn't afford to take home his ashes, but today in the mail I recieved a card from Christown animal hospital. They had stamped his paw prints onto a card for me, so that now I'll always have something to remember him by. It was the most touching and thoughtful thing any vet office could have done. I'm forever grateful for the wonderful people that work here. "
October 27, 2021

Excellent Vet & Fees!!!

"Dr. Sandhu has been caring for all our dogs in our family. He has done surgery on them and also euthanasia for our older dogs. He is very knowledgeable and enjoys caring for animals. His fees are VERY reasonable. He does not perform unnecessary extra testing or services. He will explain why he recommends a certain test or procedure is needed. I am very glad to have a caring and reasonably priced vet hospital in Phoenix. "
September 15, 2020

Loki, my beloved bully

"My husband and I had a 3 year old fawn, Male pit bull terrier who became acutely ill aftr playing in our area dog park. Little did we knw or realize that disease runs rampant throughout dog parks.... fast forward, Loki became sickly. Called, Christown Animal Hospital. Charlotte got us scheduled for his humanely euthanasia for the next day. The place is affordable, reasonable, laid bck atmosphere and gentle to the fact that our visit wasn't a pleasant one. Dr. Sandhu explained wht he was intending to do with our beloved Loki! Needless to say, this has been the most difficult decision ever made, the hardest thing to see, HOWEVER the staff gave us time to grieve & say our last goodbyes! Thanks 4 all you do... the Sperland Family will definitely be bck with Nunu-Girl, 3 yrs and Copper who's 1yr. May your business continue with great success!"