Need an Emergency Vet in Phoenix, AZ

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Issues threatening your pet’s health can arise at any time and when they do, they often require immediate attention from a trained professional. Christown Animal Hospital is here to respond to your needs quickly and effectively. As a fully-staffed emergency vet in Phoenix, AZ, we have the ability to act quickly and deftly when your pet’s health is at stake, to give them the relief they need from an emergent situation.

Our approach to emergency situations is swift and thorough. We’ll quickly assess the situation to determine the scope of the problem, then execute quick action to deescalate it to a manageable condition. From there, we work to stabilize and pacify your pet while we administer treatment. We’re familiar with a wide range of emergent situations and have the tenure to respond appropriately, no matter what the issue is.

After-Hours Emergencies

While we have the capacity to accept and treat emergent conditions in your pet, we are not a 24-hour emergency animal clinic in Phoenix, AZ. For emergency situations occurring outside of normal business hours, we’re able to refer our clients to BluePearl Veterinary Partners.

Phone: 602-995-3757

BluePearl Veterinary Partners is a 24-hour emergency vet in Phoenix, AZ that can admit animals after normal business hours, to administer treatment immediately. We also have the ability to communicate with them to retrieve information on your pet if you’re bringing them to us for checkups and further treatment!

Get Immediate Help

cat on tableIf your pet has developed an acute condition or the need for emergent care arises, get in touch with Christown Animal Hospital today. We can advise you on the best course of action to help you through a crisis, and our facilities are equipped with resources and staff to address threats to your pet’s health.

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For more information or for questions, please contact us during normal business hours by calling 602-246-7351.