Do Not Forget Your Dog Vaccinations!

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Dogs face the possibility of many dangerous diseases if they are not vaccinated. Rabies increased among dogs by nearly 14 percent between 2014 and 2015. When dogs catch rabies, the infected are usually unvaccinated animals. Rabies is not the only dangerous disease; distemper also kills. This makes having updated dog vaccinations in Phoenix, AZ vital. Here is why you need to avoid forgetting your dog’s vaccination schedule:

  • The diseases are not dead: Since most animals are vaccinated, pet owners do not see the diseases vaccines prevent. This creates a false sense of security where it is assumed the diseases are gone. In reality, they remain in the environment and exposure can happen anywhere, especially in dog parks that numerous dogs visit. Vaccines prevent the infections so you never have to see their harrowing effects. Stay on time and up to date with vaccines and keep it that way.
  • Danger to humans: Dog vaccinations keep your pets safe, but also extend that safety to you. Rabies kills nearly 60,000 people a year, and most catch it from unvaccinated dogs. When rabies vaccines are common, fewer people catch the disease and even fewer die from it. Even if the infection is caught early, the treatment for rabies is unpleasant and not guaranteed to be effective. Vaccinating your dogs reduces the chance of this experience.
  • Schedules are safe: There are set vaccine schedules for dogs that are proven safe and effective. If your dog has an immune disorder, that schedule can be adjusted for her health by your pet’s veterinarian in Phoenix, AZ. Healthy animals that can withstand the vaccines must be vaccinated on schedule to ensure control of these diseases. This also extends protection to animals that cannot be vaccinated, since herd immunity controls infection rates and prevents these animals from becoming sick.
  • Travel: Doggie day cares and dog parks require vaccination, especially for rabies. If you take your dog to a relative’s farm, you also want them to be safe from other animals, including animals that may be rabid. Since vaccinated dogs are safe dogs, you can feel free to take them anywhere without the fear of infection. It only takes your dog getting loose for one minute for them to be bitten by the wrong animal. So even if your dog stays indoors most of the time, vaccination is still the best course of action if you intend to travel with your dog or use facilities designed with them in mind.
  • Mild side effects: If a dog experiences side effects of vaccination, they are mild. Common side effects include swelling at the infection site, low energy, sneezing or coughing and mild fever. These go away within two to five days of vaccination. If there are serious symptoms, call your veterinarian in Phoenix, AZ. They will evaluate whether the effects of the vaccine outweigh the chance of illness. Even then, there are ways to control sensitivities or allergic reactions so your dog can be vaccinated safely and comfortably.

Call Christown Animal Hospital today and update your dog vaccinations in Phoenix, AZ. Prevention is more effective and less expensive than treatment options, so take this proactive approach and preserve your best friend’s health.

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