Importance of Progesterone Testing in Canine Breeding

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Dog breeding is a business that isn’t easy to get into. It means you need to be attuned to the most minute details regarding your dog’s health, especially when they’re about to ovulate. That’s why many people rely on the convenience and precision of progesterone testing to have a stronger idea of when it’s best to breed. The reality is that days matter, and you want to make sure that a breeding opportunity is capitalized on. If you don’t, then that’s time and money lost when you miss that narrow window.

You also want to find a veterinarian in Phoenix, AZ who takes dog breeding as seriously as you do. Having a grasp of progesterone levels means you’re attuned to your dog’s ovulation cycles. At Christown Animal Hospital, we do in-house progesterone testing every day. In fact, we have the latest technology so you can get progesterone testing done in as little as 20 minutes! Read on to find out more about why this form of testing is so vital for breeding:

  • Dogs aren’t special: Well, they are, but not when it comes to progesterone! The fact is that every mammal has this hormone, and in fact, most progesterone measuring machines are created for the human market.
  • Every day isn’t necessary: You may think it’s a good idea to come in every day to ensure that you hit the ovulation window. But this isn’t necessary—testing about once every five days usually does the trick.
  • Opportunity comes knocking: Progesterone spikes during a window of about 60 hours near ovulation, so while it can’t pinpoint when exactly is best to breed, you do get a far better idea of when breeding should happen. That’s why breeders rely on this testing to indicate when they should breed.
  • Elevated is elevated: You may be thinking that a really high level of progesterone may not automatically mean it’s absolutely time to breed. But this isn’t the case. Any high level of progesterone is a good indicator that the dog is ovulating. The breed of the dog—whether it’s large or small, for example—doesn’t matter.

Are you looking for a new veterinarian in Phoenix, AZ? Then you’ve come to the right place! At Christown Animal Hospital, we’ve been helping dog breeders for years. When it comes to progesterone testing, we can have the results for you in just 20 minutes.

Additionally, we offer so much more for any pet owner, from preventative medicine to surgery to grooming and general checkups. Christown Animal Hospital is here to care for your furry friend. Our staff puts the health of your cat or dog first. We pride ourselves on always providing a level of care that illustrates our dedication.

You can always trust our friendly and knowledgeable staff with your pet’s needs. We’re happy to provide your pet with thorough examinations if they’re exhibiting signs of illness or distress, and can help diagnose, treat and resolve any health issues that may arise. Give us a call right now to schedule your first appointment!

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