Looking for a New Veterinarian in Phoenix, AZ? Make Sure They Possess These Qualities!

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As an animal lover, you buy your pets the best food and treats, comfortable beds and too many toys, and give them regular hugs and kisses. So it comes as no surprise that you wouldn’t take your buddy to just any old veterinarian. A pet vet must be someone you can trust with your pet’s health and wellbeing and count on for proper checkups and preventative care. All pet parents want a competent and compassionate veterinarian in their pets’ lives, which is all the more reason to invest time and effort into researching local vets.

You want your pet to live a good, long and happy life—and so do the doctors and staff at Christown Animal Hospital. When looking for a new veterinarian in Phoenix, AZ, make sure they possess the following qualities.

Deep knowledge of pets

People become veterinarians because they love animals, but the best vets have a thorough knowledge of different types of pets. They go through school for training and education, learning everything about animals, including anatomy, ailments, symptoms and treatment options for all types of illnesses. It’s a definite must that the vet you choose should have a solid understanding of the needs of pets and a strong educational background, but they should also keep up on new advancements in pet treatments and care. When meeting a vet for the first time, don’t be shy about asking about their experience and credentials.

Genuine care

You will be able to tell if a veterinarian cares deeply for animals and pets by how they enter the exam room or waiting area and interact with pets. He or she greets cats and dogs with enthusiasm and a smile, petting them plenty before diving into the exam process. The right vet for you and your pet sends out good vibes—it’s a clear sign that they care.


Good veterinarians present owners with multiple treatment options, whether it’s for an illness or recommended vaccinations. In the case of illness or injury, decision-making can be hard. Your mind is racing and you also have to consider your financial situation, especially if you’re looking at surgery, aftercare and medications. Good vets are patient—they give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. If you ever have a vet who seems to be rushing you to make a decision about your pet’s health, leave that clinic and go elsewhere.

Excellent communication

Great veterinarians and their animal clinic team will have excellent communication skills. They always clearly explain your pet’s health in terms you can understand, including details about test results, treatment options, medications and proper at-home care—no confusing jargon! Also, answering your questions is never a burden, and if they come across something in your pet’s lab work that you should be aware of, they’ll contact you immediately.

Are you looking for a new veterinarian in Phoenix, AZ? Dr. Gurjit Sandhu is an expert with many years of pet care experience under his belt. Rest assured your pet is safe with him and his friendly staff. Call Christown Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment today!

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