August 22, 2020

August 11, 2020

"We were urgently trying to find a place that could fit in our dog because she needed surgery for Pyometra right away. They scheduled her in the next day and the price was very affordable. She is recovering very nicely and already has her appetite back. I’m so grateful for the job they did and super relieved to see her bouncing back so well! Can’t thank you guys enough!"
July 31, 2020

"I am Grateful to Dr. Sandhu, Charlotte, and the rest of the staff for saving my girl Ebony. I am Thankful to now have affordable quality medical care for my fur babe. You won't find a better price and the care given is remarkable. Thank You"
July 21, 2020

"The staff is amazing. The vet is the best I ever met. My dog was super sick. Was diagnosed with a swollen spleen. He was very ill. The vet put him on a special diet, and antibiotics.He was right to the point and was very explanatory . He was running around, and chasing lizards healthy in 3 days."
July 11, 2020

"This veterinarian gets the job done! If you are looking for a vet that’s very affectionate toward animals this isn’t the right place, of course not meaning he’s cruel, but don’t expect him to baby talk to your pet. The vet gets to the point whether it’s just an exam, vaccines or neutering. They present the prices , expect pay , and do their job. So if you are that type of person who doesn’t easily get offended this is a great place they will do their job in a professional manner. I have taken my Doberman for exams, nails trims, vaccinations, and to get neutered, all went well!"