Why Are Pet Vaccinations Important?

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Pets play essential roles in the lives of many people here in the Valley of the Sun. We depend on our animals to provide us with companionship and comfort. In turn, they need us to supply them with the food, shelter, activity and health care required to live long, happy lives. A vital portion of your pet’s ongoing health care is getting important vaccines for dogs and cats in Phoenix, AZ.

Five reasons to vaccinate your pet

When clients ask about important vaccines for cats and dogs in Phoenix, AZ, we like to discuss why it’s so important to bring your feline or canine into our clinic for regular checkups. During these exams, we administer the essential vaccines that keep your beloved four-legged friend healthy and disease free.

The top reasons to bring your pet in for important vaccines for cats and dogs in Phoenix, AZ include:

  • They prevent numerous illnesses.
  • They prevent the need for costly medical treatment when your cat or dog becomes infected with a preventable disease.
  • They stop the further spread of diseases between other animals and your pet.
  • They protect pets from wildlife diseases that may be fatal to your pet, such as distemper or rabies.
  • Many municipal and state laws require your pets to receive certain vaccinations.

What vaccines does my pet need?

Our veterinarians recommend that, at a minimum, your dog or cat receive their core vaccines. Animal welfare and veterinary organizations define core vaccines as necessary immunizations due to the high risk of exposure, the transmissibility to humans or the severity of the disease. These vaccines vary between dogs and cats.

The important vaccines for dogs include canine parvovirus, distemper, canine hepatitis and rabies. Vaccines for your cat include those that protect against panleukopenia (feline distemper), feline calicivirus, feline herpesvirus type I and rabies. However, there’s a wide range of other vaccinations your vet might recommend based on where you live, your pet’s lifestyle and other factors.

When should I vaccinate my pet?

This all depends on your pet’s age, the last time they visited a veterinarian, their lifestyle and where they live and spend their time. For example, here in Arizona, dogs who spend a considerable amount of time outdoors or go hiking or camping with you may encounter a Western diamond rattlesnake. Results may be fatal if one of these snakes bites your dog. Fortunately, there’s a vaccine we can administer to your dog to protect them from the dangerous effects of the snake’s venom.

What are the risks associated with pet vaccinations?

This is the primary concern for many pet owners. They worry a vaccine may have adverse side effects. While no medical practice is 100 percent free from risk, those associated with vaccinations are limited to swelling around the injection site, mild symptoms of illness or an allergic reaction. If your pet receives a vaccine and experiences any type of reaction, consult your vet right away.

Is it time to bring your pet’s vaccination record up to date? Not sure if your pet received the important vaccines for dogs or cats in Phoenix, AZ? If so, please contact us to schedule a checkup appointment at Christown Animal Hospital. We offer a new client wellness exam for only $25!

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