The Importance of Dental Cleaning for Dogs and Cats

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It’s estimated that 85 percent of pets will have periodontal disease by the time they’re three years old, which can result in tooth loss, bad breath, gum disease and pain. Not only can periodontitis lead to issues with your pet’s mouth, but the bacteria associated with it can travel through the bloodstream and cause problems with your pet’s heart, liver and other organs. For these reasons and more, it’s important that your dog and cat receive regular dental cleaning in Phoenix, AZ.

How a pet dental cleaning works

Your pet will be put under general anesthesia, which is the only way a veterinarian can get a good look inside your pet’s mouth. They will then evaluate your pet for tartar, tooth decay, gum health and general oral health.

Your vet will remove tartar and plaque from the teeth and under the gums, polishing the teeth so they won’t attract bacteria, take x-rays if there are signs of problems below the gum line and remove or repair fractured teeth.

The veterinarian will also write down their findings on your pet’s chart, so any disease or decay can be monitored over time for signs of progression.

Signs it’s time for a dental cleaning

Be sure to take a good look at your pet’s mouth regularly, in order to spot potential problems before they worsen. You might notice redness or bleeding along the gums (gingivitis), brownish buildup on the teeth (tartar) or other signs of pain.

If your pet has particularly bad breath, is drooling more than usual or pawing at their mouth, that could be a sign that they’re in pain. Schedule dog or cat dental cleaning in Phoenix, AZ as soon as possible, before any issues get worse.

How to keep their teeth clean at home

In between their regularly scheduled dental cleanings, you can take some steps at home to keep your pet’s oral health in top shape. For example, your vet may recommend a pet plaque prevention product, which is applied to their teeth to help prevent bacteria from forming plaque and tartar.

Brushing your pet’s teeth daily is another great way to help. Pet toothpaste comes in flavors like seafood and chicken, and can be applied with a child’s toothbrush or special pet finger brush. (Never use adult toothbrushes on your pet, as they may contain harmful ingredients.)

Certain types of pet foods are designed to improve their oral health, including kibble and treats. Ask your vet which type of food or treats might help keep your dog’s or cat’s teeth clean and healthy.

Taking your pet’s oral health seriously will help improve their overall health—don’t forget to schedule a dental cleaning!

Cat and dog dental cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

Christown Animal Hospital provides highly-trained veterinary and grooming care to your pets, including dental cleaning, vaccinations, surgery and more. Our skilled veterinarians provide compassionate, dedicated care whether your pet is brand new or an old member of the family. If you need dental cleaning for your dog or cat, call us today to schedule an appointment.

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