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At Christown Animal Hospital, we know your pets are part of the family. That’s why we are dedicated to providing the absolute best care for your furry friends. At our animal hospital in Phoenix, AZ, we provide comprehensive care for your pet. Our experienced staff is available to answer any questions, and they are equipped with the tools, knowledge and heart to deliver top-quality animal care.

If your pet needs anything, don’t hesitate to stop in to your local animal hospital in Phoenix, AZ. Visit us for a full range of services.

Surgical Procedures

Dr. Sandhu is renowned for his surgical skills. When your pet needs a spay or neuter procedure, our staff is your top choice. These procedures offer multiple health benefits to your pet, including lowering the risk of uterine infections, cancer and prostate issues. This procedure also helps control the pet population.

Our team is happy to answer any questions you have about spaying and neutering. Feel free to contact us with any concerns or to schedule your pet’s procedure.

Wellness Exams

Routine checkups help keep your pal in top condition. We highly recommend preventative medicine. We offer comprehensive health assessments to carefully monitor your pet’s health. These thorough checks can spot concerns early on so they can be properly treated. From eye exams to weight checks to joint mobility assessments, these exams are key to keeping your pet healthy.


Another important piece of preventative care is proper vaccinations. These protect your pet against a variety of serious illnesses. We’ll help keep your pet up to date on vaccinations so they can live a long, healthy life. We offer a full range of vaccinations for both dogs and cats.


If an exam reveals concerns, the next step is to test for illness. At our animal hospital in Phoenix, AZ, we offer a variety of testing measures to guide the best care for your pet. We provide heartworm testing, fecal testing and bloodwork. These tests shed light on your pet’s health and allow us to determine the best course of action for their care.


Grooming is an important part of pet care. Your pet feels best when he looks his best. At Christown Animal Hospital, we want to cover all aspects of your pet’s health, so we offer this service, too!


Do you need assistance with boarding your pet while you are at work or traveling? We are equipped to serve you and your pet while you’re away. Contact our friendly staff about our boarding services.

Only the Best for your Pet

Since 1969, Christown Animal Hospital has provided pets in Phoenix, AZ with every facet of care they need. Whether you are looking for preventative medicine, surgery, boarding or even grooming and day care, we are equipped to serve you and your pets with compassion and care. Visit our animal hospital in Phoenix, AZ today or contact us with any questions. We welcome walk-ins and would love to meet you and your pet!

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