The Importance of Tick and Flea Prevention for Dogs and Cats

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We love our pets, and that’s why we do everything we can to keep them happy and healthy throughout their lives. We buy them the best food and feed them tasty treats, let them sleep in our comfortable beds and give them medicines to prevent all sorts of pests and diseases that typically affect animals.

Ticks and fleas are two of the most prolific and annoying pests that afflict pets across the nation. Thankfully, there are a variety of preventative medicines that an animal hospital in Phoenix, AZ can give your dogs and cats to keep them free from fleas and ticks. Keep reading to learn all about these medicines!

  • Prevent sickness and disease: The primary reason to protect your cats and dogs from fleas and ticks is to prevent them from getting sick from the diseases transmitted by these pests! Fleas and ticks carry all sorts of nasty diseases that can make your pet really sick, and can even be life threatening in some situations. Both fleas and ticks can give your pet anemia, which can be deadly to puppies and kittens. Ticks (particularly deer ticks) transmit Lyme disease. Lyme disease typically causes joint pain and fever, but it can lead to kidney failure if it’s not treated in time.
  • Keep your pet happy: Even if a flea or tick bite doesn’t make your four-legged friend sick, the bite is still going to make them uncomfortable and unhappy! Flea and tick bites are itchy and painful. Keep these pests off your pet with the proper medication prescribed by your vet at an animal hospital in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Keep yourself happy: Protecting your pets from fleas and ticks is bound to keep you happy and comfortable, too. From finding fleas and ticks on your carpet to having bites on your skin, or even getting Lyme disease, fleas and ticks in your home can cause all sorts of problems. Purchase flea and tick protection to ensure this doesn’t happen to you and your home.

What else can you do?

There are a few other things you can do to keep your cats and dogs flea- and tick-free, in addition to giving them preventative medications:

  • Avoid tall grass: If your animal is like most pets, they probably like romping around in the grass. But if you want to keep your pets free from pests, it may be a good idea to make sure they’re not in very tall grasses, which are a common nesting place for fleas and ticks. Instead of taking them to rural areas to play, bring them to well-manicured parks.
  • Keep your lawn pest-free: You can help avoid a flea and tick problem altogether by keeping your lawn free from pests. Keep your grass short and avoid overwatering to deter fleas and ticks from living in your yard.

There are dozens of preventative flea and tick medicines on the market; make sure you’re buying the right one for your dog or cat! At Christown Animal Hospital, we can help you familiarize yourself with your options. Stop by our animal hospital in Phoenix, AZ to speak with one of our veterinarians about finding the best medicine for your pet.

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