Take Advantage of Our $100 Discount on Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

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Everyone knows how painful an aching tooth can be, and it is important to keep in mind that your pets are susceptible to experiencing these same dental distresses as well. Neglecting your pet’s dental hygiene can put their overall health at risk, and these are just some of the problems that could be in store if you don’t make sure to schedule regular cat or dog teeth cleaning in Phoenix, AZ:

  • Tooth loss can affect your pet’s diet: Your pet eats food and assorted treats every day that cause the slow but inevitable buildup of plaque on their teeth. Unattended plaque will gradually wear down the enamel that protects their teeth, opening the way for many other dental issues, such as inflammation in the gums or loose teeth. Besides being very painful for your pet, this could also put them in danger of losing the unstable teeth along the way. If your pet feels discomfort when trying to chew food, they might stop eating as they normally would if the pain becomes intolerable. If this is the case, your pet might lose weight, and could even become malnourished if the necessary nutrients that are provided in their food are no longer a part of their daily regimen.
  • Good dental hygiene protects overall health: Tooth loss is not the only side effect that unattended plaque can bring. Plaque, along with tartar, can create small pockets or gaps in the lining between your pet’s teeth and gums. In these small gaps, bacteria can begin to materialize and accumulate, which could eventually lead to periodontal disease if left untreated for too long. Additionally, these gaps provide a direct point of entry for bacteria into your pet’s bloodstream, which could affect other important areas of their health, potentially even leading to such serious problems as heart, lung or kidney disease.
  • Pay attention to the signs: In order to avoid the dangerous health problems that can result from poor dental hygiene, it will be important for you to pay close attention to the symptoms that are often seen when your pet is suffering with pain in their mouth. Examine the appearance of the inside of your pet’s mouth. If you notice that their gums are swollen or bleeding, they are probably in a lot of pain, just as any human in the same situation would be. Because of this pain, they will likely paw at their face with greater frequency, which is one of the most recognizable signs that they need to have their teeth looked at right away.

We all want our pets to be around for a long time, and something as seemingly small as maintaining their dental health with regular checkups can do more than you know. Here at Christown Animal Hospital, cat and dog teeth cleaning in Phoenix, AZ is very important to us—so important, in fact, that we are currently running a special $100 discount on dental care for your pet. Make sure you pay us a visit to get all of your pet’s dental hygiene needs taken care of while this offer lasts!

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